Mar 1, 2022

See's Puts Out New Dark-Chocolate-Covered Peanut Brittle

See's Candies puts out new dark-chocolate-covered peanut brittle that they're calling simply, "Dark Peanut Brittle," for a limited time, while supplies last.

See's has been using the same peanut brittle recipe since 1921 and new Dark Peanut Brittle sees the "buttery, crunchy, nutty goodness" covered in the chain's signature dark chocolate.

You can find Dark Peanut Brittle in 4-oz boxes for $9.50 for a limited time both in See's Candies shops and online.

See's is also offering a number of St. Patrick's Day treats, including Dark and Mint Chocolate Shamrocks, Dark Mint Scotchmallows, a St. Patrick's Day Potato, and more.

The St. Patrick's Day Potato is a 2.5-oz "potato" made of Divinity filling covered in milk chocolate, then rolled in a cocoa-cinnamon blend, and topped with pine nut "potato eyes."

Photo via See's Candies.

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