Aug 3, 2022

Review: Little Caesars - Fanceroni Pepperoni Pizza

Little Caesar's Fanceroni Pepperoni Pizza features a large, round pizza topped from edge-to-edge with "over 100 crispy Old World Pepperonis" as well as crisped cheese to the very edges.

I bought one for $9.99.

The pepperonis were a indeed crispy but some were perhaps slightly overcooked (to make sure each one is crispy I think) so that only a few carried that flavorful little puddle of pepperoni oil/grease. I'm not sure each pizza will have over 100 pepperoni slices (it seem onerous to have employees count them out) but my particular pizza seems to have a little less than 100 (based on a quick count that I did not bother to double check). I wasn't bothered by it though as there was plenty of pepperoni to go around.

With the amount of pepperoni, there was plenty of standard pepperoni aroma, flavor, and salt throughout the pizza as well as a mild but spicy heat.

The crisped cheese coverage was mostly good but a little spotty at some edges. It didn't add much in the way of flavor but contributed an extra crunchy element. Beyond the edge-to-edge placement, the cheese didn't seem otherwise more plentiful than the chain's standard large pepperoni pizza.

The saucing was fairly light--just enough to lend a slight tomato and tang.

The crust was the chain's standard round pizza crust, which is to say it was mostly soft with a slight chew and some crispy edges if you're lucky. It's a curiously flat crust with fairly uniform, small air bubbles in the structure.

Overall, Little Caesars' Fanceroni Pepperoni Pizza offered an enjoyable, but ultimately familiar, eating experience for those who enjoy crispy pepperoni and plenty of it. The question of whether it's worth the extra $3 (may vary; the ExtraMostBestest is $6.99 at my local Little Caesars) over the ExtraMostBestest Pepperoni Pizza (which comes with extra pepperoni and extra cheese on the same type of crust) comes down to how much you like crispy pepperoni and toppings to the edge of the crust.

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