Sep 26, 2022

McDonald's Finland Blends a Grey Licorice Shake and More

McDonald's Finland blends Licorice Shake for a limited time and it sports a drab gray color that brings to mind a dystopian food of the future. Along with the Licorice Shake, they also offer two more colorful frosty desserts: the Cookie Monster Freak Shake and Lazy Sundae Deluxe.

McDonald's Licorice Shake takes the chain's shake base and blends it with licorice-flavored syrup.

The Monster Freak Shake is inspired by Sesame Street's Cookie Monster and features a cookie-flavored shake with a swirled blue color, topped with whipped cream and crushed Oreos. A "freak shake" is generally an over-the-top, indulgent shake topped with other desserts like cake, candy, and cookies. McDonald's Monster Freak Shake doesn't quite meet the description but that's what they're calling it.

The Lazy Sundae Deluxe consists of vanilla soft serve topped with strawberry-lime sauce, meringue crumbles, and whipped cream.

Photo via McDonald's Finland.

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