Sep 13, 2022

Mountain Dew Launches New Mtn Dew Code Red Energy Drink

Mountain Dew launches a new Code Red flavor of Mtn Dew Energy drink at select retailers nationwide starting this month.

Mtn Dew Energy Code Red features the taste of Mtn Dew Energy but with a kick of cherry flavor. The drink features 180 mg of caffeine, zinc, vitamins A and C, antioxidants, and zero added sugar for a boost of energy.

Mtn Dew Energy Code Red comes in a 16-fl-oz can for about $2 (may vary).

It is basically an energy drink version of Mtn Dew Code Red, which was released in 2001 as cherry-flavored Mountain Dew soda with a red color to match the flavor and name.

Photo via Mountain Dew.

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