Sep 22, 2022

Starbucks Gears Up Siren System to Streamline Drink Making Process

Starbucks looks to streamline their drink-making process with the new Siren System, which they're calling "a proprietary new equipment innovation designed to meet the growing demand for customization of hot and cold beverages and warm foods."

The Siren System touches upon the workflow of the cold beverage station, the brewing of both cold brew and drip coffee, and warming up food items.

The cold beverage station revamp comes as Starbucks customers increasingly order cold drinks over hot ones and frequently request customizations for their drinks (i.e added syrup, extra espresso shots, etc.). The new station offers an assembly line-type workflow where a barista would start at one end and finish at the other end (versus running back and forth between the station, the fridge, and the ice maker). The changes include a custom ice dispenser, milk-dispensing system, faster blenders, and whipped cream dispenser.

According to Starbucks, a Grande Mocha Frappuccino that would take about 87 seconds and 16 steps to make, takes about 36 seconds and 13 steps with the new system. They have yet to announce a roll-out for the new cold beverage station.

Starbucks' new Cold Pressed Cold Brew system uses "a patented method of extracting coffee with low-pressure immersion" that results in cold brew coffee in "a matter of seconds" and less than four steps versus the chain's current cold brew offering, which is steeped for 20 hours and requires over 20 steps to make. Additionally, the new system cuts down waste by 15 percent and does away with paper filters. The chain plans to test the new Cold Pressed Cold Brew system in stores starting in 2023.

In terms of drip coffee, Starbucks will switch from batch-brewing to single-cup brewing on demand with the launch of the Clover Vertica brewer, which is an automated coffee brewer that can put out a freshly-ground, freshly-brewed cup of hot coffee in "just 30 seconds." The Clover Vertica is currently rolling out and is slated to be in all US stores within the next three years.

Finally, for warming things like baked goods and breakfast sandwiches, Starbucks is looking at batch cooking them and placing them on a heated rack or warming wall. Currently, most of the chain's breakfast sandwiches take about 65 to 85 seconds to individually warm in the oven.

Photos via Starbucks.

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