Sep 21, 2022

Review: Classic Ketchup-Flavored Doritos

Classic Ketchup-flavored Doritos feature tortilla chips with a ketchup flavor

A 9.25-oz bag costs $5.59 but they're sold out. I received this courtesy of Doritos.

The aroma out of the bag is a combination of fried corn and vinegary sweetness.

Appearance-wise, the Classic Ketchup tortilla chips had a mottled orange color but a closer inspection showed a light orange color speckled with red flecks.

It's eerie how these tasted exactly like ketchup albeit with a surprise spicy kick that isn't mentioned on the bag (which is unlike any "classic" ketchup I know). I would say it's a medium heat for me--it stuck around a bit but never got uncomfortable. Other than the heat, there was a light sweetness, a solid tomato paste flavor, and a mild but notable vinegar tang.

Taken altogether, Doritos Classic Ketchup-flavored tortilla chips is one of those weird flavors that are enjoyable enough to try but kinda hit or miss in terms of buying it again. Ketchup-flavored potato chips probably make for a better combination but these might surprise you (if they ever come back).

Nutritional Info - Doritos Classic Ketchup-flavored tortilla chips
Serving Size - 11 chips (28g)
Calories - 150 (from Fat - 60)
Fat - 7g (Saturated Fat - 1g)
Sodium - 190mg
Carbs - 18g (Sugar - 1g)
Protein - 2g

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