Sep 14, 2022

New Gummy Lunchables Arrive

Frankford Candy partners with Kraft Heinz to launch new Gummy Lunchables Cracker Stackers and new Gummy Lunchables Pepperoni Pizza Kits.

The fruit-flavored, gummy-candy-versions of the two Lunchable varieties can be found now across the US at Five Below stores as well as online at Amazon and the Frankford Candy website. They are slated to roll out to other retailers nationwide in the near future.

Each 6.2-ounce package of Gummy Lunchables Cracker Stackers includes eight gummy crackers and two slices each of gummy pepperoni, gummy ham, gummy Swiss cheese, and gummy cheddar cheese.

Each 6.3-oz package of the Gummy Lunchables Pepperoni Pizza Kit includes three gummy pizza crusts, 12 gummy mozzarella cheese shreds, 15 gummy pepperoni slices, and one liquid pizza sauce packet.

Both varieties of Gummy Lunchables carry a suggested retail price of $5.

Kraft Heinz and Frankford Candy have previously partnered to release candy versions of Kraft Mac & Cheese, Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, and more.

Photo via Frankford Candy.

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