Sep 14, 2022

Pizza Hut Reveals "Italian Taco" Because It's Always Been There

Pizza Hut looks to capitalize on the return of Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza by revealing the "Italian Taco," which is a "a hand-tossed taco shell stuffed with a classic marinara sauce, mouthwatering melted mozzarella cheese and whichever fillings you choose from pepperoni to jalapenos AKA a slice of pizza folded like a taco."

Accordingly, Pizza Hut is encouraging fans to fold their pizza, take a photo, and tweet about it with #nooneoutpizzasthehut. The concept they're going with is: "If you try to OutPizza the Hut, we just gotta OutTaco you."

It should be noted that both Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are part of Yum! Brands, which also owns The Habit and KFC.

Photo via Pizza Hut.

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