Nov 7, 2022

Cinnabon Selling New Chocolate Frosting Pint for 2022 Holiday Season Along with Cream Cheese Frosting Pints

Signature Cream Cheese Frosting Pints are back at Cinnabon for the 2022 holiday season and are accompanied by new Chocolate Frosting Pints.

Cinnabon Signature Cream Cheese Frosting Pints are a take-home option of the same cream cheese frosting that you'd find on their Classic cinnamon rolls, while the new Chocolate Frosting Pints are filled with the same chocolate cream cheese frosting that topped Cinnabon's limited-time Chocolate BonBites earlier this year.

For a limited time, both Signature Cream Cheese Frosting Pints and new Chocolate Frosting Pints can be found now at participating Cinnabon bakeries nationwide and can also be ordered for pickup or delivery using the Cinnabon app or website.

Photo via Cinnabon.

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