Nov 4, 2022

Hostess Offers Mint Chocolate Twinkies and More for 2022 Holiday Season

Hostess offers up Mint Chocolate Twinkies and more to help mark the 2022 holiday season for a limited time starting this month.

- Mint Chocolate Flavored Twinkies feature chocolate sponge cake with a green, mint-flavored creme filling.

Also here for the 2022 holiday season are:

Holiday HoHos - Technically a new product but it's more like new holiday-themed packaging for classic HoHos snack cakes, which consist of creme rolled in chocolate cake with a chocolaty coating.

Holiday Cupcakes - Frosted yellow cake with creme filling. The frosting is white with red sprinkles.

Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow Flavored Donettes - Glazed mini donuts with a "rich and creamy hot chocolate flavor."

You can find Hostess 2022 holiday line-up for a limited time in multi-pack boxes at grocery retailers nationwide, while supplies last. Hostess Cupcakes and Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow Flavored Donettes can also be found in single-serve packages at conveniences stores across the country.

Photo via Hostess.

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