Jan 1, 2015

Review: Popeyes - Blackened Tenders

Popeyes' Blackened Tenders are a non-battered, non-breaded version of their chicken tenders covered in blackened seasoning. They used to call them "Naked Tenders."

I got an order of three tenders for $3.99 (but they actually gave me four and threw in a biscuit as well. Bonus!)

While these aren't battered or breaded, they do appear to be fried, but they're not super greasy or anything like that. With the breading gone, they have drastically less calories, fat, carbs, and sodium than Popeyes' regular fried chicken tenders.

They came fresh from the fryer, so they were piping hot as well as tender and juicy.

Interestingly, the Blackened Tenders actually have more flavor than Popeyes' regular tenders and pack more heat than them as well. There's a strong black pepper bite to these as well as a mix of other spices like garlic and onion and whatnot.

Overall, Popeyes' Blackened Tenders are really good if a little too spicy for some (I don't believe they have a mild version), especially if you happen to find yourself there and are looking for alternatives to fried chicken. I really enjoyed the flavor and would not mind it at all if they were to add the same to their batter.

Nutritional Info - Popeyes Blackened Tenders - 3 pieces (113g)
Calories - 170 (Calories from Fat - 20)
Fat - 2g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 550mg
Carbs - 2g (Sugar - 0g)
Protein - 26g

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