Nov 2, 2022

Review: Lay's Adobadas Potato Chips

Lay's Adobadas-flavored Potato Chips are a limited-time flavor that celebrates the 2022 World Cup competition and features the flavors of chili, tomato, and lime.

A 7.75-oz bag costs $4.59 but I received this courtesy of Lay's.

Out of the bag, Lay's Adobadas-flavored Potato Chips looked a lot like BBQ-flavored potato chips in terms of color and seasoning. They offered the same thin, crispy crunch as original Lay's potato chips.

The aroma that wafted out of the bag seemed mostly like dried chili powder but the chilis were mostly there for flavor rather than heat as the chips were fairly mild on that front.

In terms of taste, the potato chips reminded me a lot of Lay's BBQ potato chips but without the sweetness. Instead, there's a savory spiced flavor with a slight tang from the tomato and lime. The flavor also kind of brought to mind seasoned beef for tacos and chili.

When it comes down to it, Lay's Adobadas-flavored Potato Chips were really addictive, It's moderate,  seasoned flavor made it really easy to eat a lot of them, while also providing a similar-but-different-type from a number of other potato chips flavors.

Nutritional Info - Lay's Adobadas Potato Chips
Serving Size - About 15 chips (28g)
Calories - 150 (from Fat - 90)
Fat - 10g (Saturated Fat - 1.5g)
Sodium - 230mg
Carbs - 15g (Sugar - 1g)
Protein - 2g

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