Jan 25, 2023

Ben & Jerry's Releases New Bossin' Cream Pie and New Raspberry Cheesecake Topped Ice Cream Flavors

Ben & Jerry's releases two new ice cream flavors to their Topped line this winter: Bossin' Cream Pie and Raspberry Cheesecake.

According to Ben & Jerry's, the two new flavor are meant to evoke a "fun, cafeteria nostalgia moment inspired by classic desserts."

Ben & Jerry's Bossin' Cream Pie Topped features vanilla custard ice cream with cake pieces and swirls of pastry cream, topped with a milk chocolate ganache layer. Despite the name, Boston cream pie is actually a layered cake.

Ben & Jerry's Raspberry Cheesecake Topped offers cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker pieces and raspberry swirls, topped with white chocolatey ganache and graham cracker crumble.

Ben & Jerry's Topped line launched in 2021 and is so-named as each flavor comes "topped" with a layer of chocolaty ganache

Both Bossin' Cream Pie Topped and Raspberry Cheesecake Topped are permanent additions to the Ben & Jerry's line-up. They're currently rolling out to stores nationwide in pints for a suggested price of $5.99 to $6.49.

Photos via Ben & Jerry's.

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