Jan 29, 2023

New Blue Bunny Soft Serve Ice Cream Tubs Arrive in Stores

New Blue Bunny Soft scoopable soft serve frozen dairy dessert arrives in stores ahead of a national launch sometime this year.

Blue Bunny Soft frozen dairy dessert comes in four flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chip, and Cookies & Cream.

From what I can gather, Blue Bunny Soft is basically highly aerated ice milk with emulsifiers (various gums) so that it's easy to scoop with a soft serve texture right out of the freezer.

Blue Bunny calls the new line "a new take on soft serve" but it's likely similar to the soft serve found in the Blue Bunny Twist Cones line that was introduced last year (which they called, "a new twist on soft serve").

You can find them now at select stores in 46-fl-oz tubs for around $5 (may vary). A wider release is expected later this year.

Photo via Blue Bunny.

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