Jan 28, 2023

New Shrimp Roll Appears on Popeyes Website

A new menu item has appeared on the Popeyes website: the Shrimp Roll. It looks to be a new seafood-themed sandwich ahead of this year's Lenten season but is not yet widely available.

Popeyes Shrimp Roll features the chain's popcorn shrimp, shredded green-leaf lettuce, two pickle slices, and blackened tartar sauce served in a buttery, toasted brioche hoagie.

The Shrimp Roll has been spotted in at least one location so far (at a rather reasonable price of $3.99 with what seems to be a generous amount of shrimp; I would guess at a $5 or $6 price for a national release).

Popeyes once regularly offered a shrimp sandwich called the Shrimp Po'Boy but it was discontinued 2019.

Photo via Popeyes.

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