Jan 21, 2023

Hostess Reveals 2023 Valentine's Day Products

Hostess reveals their 2023 Valentine's Day product line-up and it includes Valentine Ding Dongs, Strawberry Cheesecake Bundts in Valentine's Day-themed packaging, and Frosted Strawberry Donettes.

Hostess Valentine Ding Dongs features heart-shaped chocolate cake with creamy filling covered in a chocolate coating and topped with festive red sprinkles. Each individual wrapper includes a section to include a personalized message for Valentine's gifting.

Hostess Strawberry Cheesecake Baby Bundts offers mini strawberry bundt cakes topped with a cheesecake-flavored drizzle. The Valentine's Day-themed version comes in a festive box and each mini bundt cake comes in a wrapper that includes dedicated space to include a personalized message for Valentine's gifting.

Hostess Frosted Strawberry Donettes consist of strawberry-flavored mini donuts with a chocolaty coating. 

You can find all Hostess' 2023 Valentine's Day line-up now in grocery stores nationwide and on major retailers sites for a limited time through Valentine's Day.

Photo via Hostess.

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