Jan 30, 2023

Papa Johns Welcomes New Crispy Parm Pizza Featuring Cheese Both on Top and Beneath the Crust

Papa Johns welcomes the new Crispy Parm Pizza, which features cheese both on top and under the crust, to the menu. The new pizza is available now for Papa Rewards members with a wider launch for all customers to follow on Thursday, February 2, 2023 (which also happens to be National Pizza Day).

Papa Johns Crispy Parm Pizza features a thin crust with a crispy, baked layer of shredded parmesan-Romano cheeses underneath the crust. On top, you'll find pizza sauce, cheese made from mozzarella, your choice of toppings, and a dusting of Italian seasoning. It's a bit like an unfolded, larger-sized version of Papa Johns Parmesan-Crusted Papadia.

The Crispy Parm Pizza with one topping carries a suggested price of $12.99. 

Photo via Papa Johns.

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