Jan 27, 2023

Review: Hormel Chili Cheese Brew

Hormel Chili Cheese Brew is an American lager beer made with a corn-chip-flavored base of Minnesota Pilsner barley malt and flaked corn seasoned with savory chili spices and hints of cheddar cheese powder.

They were selling in 4-packs for $24 online but have apparently sold out. However, I received a few cans courtesy of Hormel along with a plastic beer glass that felt surprising close to glass when cold save for the lack of heft.

The front of the can label reads "pairs well with recliners, gaming, and late-night snack attacks." Words on the side offer, "Notes of cheesy cheese, chili spice, and late Monday night."

I'm not really a beer drinker (I'll try an odd beer for the blog though) but for the most part, Hormel Chili Cheese Brew tasted like a standard American beer, which is to say it was mild, not very hoppy, and relatively inoffensive. The chili and cheese flavors came in very lightly--it's less a taste and more like a feeling(?). The feeling lingered on the tongue a bit longer than the beer though.

I was expecting something a bit weirder when I first heard of Hormel Chili Cheese Brew but it's nice enough if you like American beers. I imagine it could also work well in a cooking recipe--say adding it to a braise or the like.

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