Jan 16, 2023

UK Supermarket Chain Selling Quarter-Pound Hash Browns

If you've ever caught yourself thinking, "Hash browns are great but they're too small," you might want to head over to the UK, where supermarket chain Iceland (because they sell a lot of frozen food and not because of the neighboring country) recently introduced new Hash Brown Quarter Pounders, which are, as you may have already guessed, quarter-pound hash brown patties.

Judging by the product photo, the quarter-pound hash brown patty (which is made with shredded potato and onion) looks to be much thicker than the more familiar quarter-pound burger patty. It looks a bit much for a breakfast sandwich but I suppose we're not usually in the habit of putting a hash brown in a breakfast sandwich here in the US.

Apparently, Iceland's Hash Brown Quarter Pounders are proving quite popular in the UK as they've already sold out during the recent launch but are meant to be restocked in the near future.

Iceland actually offers a variety of hash brown products, including Hash Brown Waffles (waffle-pressed hash browns), Hash Brown Fries, and Cheesy Hash Browns (stuffed with a cream cheese and cheddar filling).

Photo via Iceland Foods, Ltd.

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