Jan 10, 2023

Review: Wingstop - Carolina Gold Chicken Sandwich

Wingstop's Carolina Gold Chicken Sandwich features a crispy-fried chicken filet tossed in new Carolina Gold BBQ sauce and served with pickles on a toasted brioche bun.

I bought one for $5.49. It comes with a choice of dipping sauce.

Wingstop's Carolina Gold BBQ sauce offered a sweet mustard base with a substantial vinegary tang and a touch of heat. The sauce was pretty thick and sticky and completely coated the chicken filet. It made for somewhat messy eating.

The chicken filet was pretty fresh out of the fryer and maintained a decent crispiness despite being covered in sauce. The crust on the filet was fairly thick but light with an even structure to it. The chicken inside was nicely moist and the filet was a good size (a little bigger than the width of the bun).

The pickles added a nice crunch but also an unnecessary hit of salt and tang that was already supplied by the Carolina Gold BBQ sauce.

The bun was sturdy but soft with a fair amount of springy resilience to it.

Taken altogether, Wingstop's Carolina Gold Chicken Sandwich turned out quite well. The textures were varied and the sandwich was well put together. I liked the sweet and tangy mustard-BBQ sauce quality of the sauce but could have used a more measured approach in the salt department.

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