Sep 8, 2023

Panda Express Adds New Apple Pie Roll

Panda Express Apple Pie Roll.
Panda Express adds the new Apple Pie Roll as a dessert option on the menu.

Panda Express' Apple Pie Roll is basically a mash-up of an apple pie and a Chinese egg roll. As such, they features a crispy-fried, rolled pastry wrapper filled with "apples and fall spices" and dusted with cinnamon-sugar.

Prices vary but the Apple Pie Roll costs $2 for one or $11.20 for six near me in the Southern California area.

The addition is notable as Panda Express previously did not offer a prepared dessert option. Instead, they offered individually-packaged fortune cookies (which are included for free with your meal) and chocolate chunk cookies (which now appear to be off the menu).

Photo via Panda Express.

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