Sep 2, 2023

Shake Shack Serves Up New Curry Burger and Curry Fries in Japan

Shake Shack Curry Shack burger and Curry Fries.
Shake Shack introduced the new Curry Shack burger and Curry Fries over in Japan earlier this summer as a limited-time offering.

The Curry Shake features a beef patty, cheese, crispy-fried onions, curry sauce, pickled carrots, and lettuce on a toasted bun, while Curry Fries sees crinkle-cut fries topped with curry sauce, crispy-fried onions, and green onions.

The curry sauce was made in partnership with Spice Curry Roka, a popular Tokyo curry shop.

Both the Curry Shake burger and Curry Fries were introduced in late July 2023 and slated to be available through mid-September 2023.

The chain also introduced Mango Lemonade, which is a mix of mango puree with lemonade.

Photo via Shake Shack.

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