Sep 26, 2010

Around the World: McDonald's Australia - "Bacon"

Here's an ad by McDonald's Australia that I can really get behind. Mmmmmm... bacon... they call McDonald's "Maccas" and serve, among other items, a "Bakehouse Brekkie Roll" with slices of back bacon (which is more like ham than what we typically call "bacon"), egg, cheese, a hash brown (they call it a "Potato Rosti"), and onion relish on a sourdough roll. It's one of their fancier "M Selections" items. It's one of the sandwiches being made in the ad.

They also have the same kind of treatment but as a Snack Wrap. It's called a "Brekkie Snack Wrap"


  1. let me tell you something cuz, i have never called a hash brown a potato rosti. hahah. which australian told you that?

  2. It says so on the website! But they also have "hash browns" on the menu... is it different or are they just giving it a fancy name because it's an "M Selection?"


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