Sep 11, 2010

Review: Sonic - Butterfinger Sonic Blast

Butterfinger Sonic Blast
Sonic's Butterfinger Sonic Blast is simply their vanilla ice cream blended with crushed pieces of Butterfinger candy. A 14-ounce "regular" cost me $2.99. Besides blending in crushed pieces, they also provide a sprinkle of pieces on top; a nice aesthetic touch.

I used to think that all soft serve/toppings blended desserts were pretty much the same from McDonald's McFlurry and DQ's Blizzard, but I have to say Sonic's Butterfinger Sonic Blast surprised me. There's a noticeable difference which I can only guess is from their change to using real ice cream. It is actually thicker and creamier and is tastier for it. Of course, real ice cream will also make you fatter but hey, thems the breaks.

Other than the thicker and creamier, the Butter Sonic Blast tastes as much as you would expect: the vanilla ice cream was fairly mellow and not too artificial tasting while the Butterfinger pieces weren't stale, remaining nice and crunchy. I liked it very much.

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Nutritional Info - Regular 14-ounce Butterfinger Sonic Blast  (359g)
Calories - 730 (from Fat - 350)
Fat - 38g (Saturated Fat - 26g)
Sodium - 410mg
Carbs - 87g (Sugar - 75g)
Protein - 11g

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