Sep 29, 2010

Review: Burger King - French Toast Sticks

Burger King French Toast Sticks
Part of Burger King's BK Breakfast Value Menu, French Toast Sticks feature three sticks of bread covered in a sweet fried batter for $1. They're served with a side of maple-flavored syrup to cater to your sweet tooth.

Tastewise, BK's French Toast Sticks are fine and dandy. They're sweet enough without the syrup really. They could use a light dusting of cinnamon and powder sugar if I were suggesting improvements.
Burger King French Toast Stick close up
Texturally, they could use a bit of crispness. While there's a discernible crust, Burger King's French Toast Sticks, like a lot of French toast, doesn't have that thin, crisp layer that makes a great French toast. They're nice, soft, and relatively moist on the inside though.

For a buck, I'd choose these over the new Mini Blueberry Biscuits.

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Nutritional Info - French Toast Sticks (3 pieces)
Calories - 350 (from Fat - 100)
Fat - 11g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 280mg
Carbs - 59g (Sugar - 25g)
Protein - 3g

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  1. I like these as long as I have my syrup.  It has a little flavor and they're a little tender which is good for any fast food French Toast.  Not my favorite BK breakfast item but still decent.


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