Sep 8, 2010

News: Starbucks - New Reusable Cup Sleeve

Starbucks Reusuable Cup Sleeve
If a reusuable tumbler is too much for you to lug around, but you still want to help the environment a little, Starbucks now has a Reusable Cup Sleeve you can buy! Or if you're a manly man like me, you just endure the searing heat through the paper cut because, you know, it's the manly thing to do. What about explaining the burns on your hand you say? Like refusing to ask for directions, manly men don't explain things!

If you don't mind looking like you knit a leg warmer or head band for your paper cup, the Starbucks Reusuable Cup Sleeve is made of soft, washable felt, fits all Starbucks cup sizes, and even has a pocket for money, a credit card, and perhaps a little bit of your pride. Pricing is $3.95 (Also available in Canada for $4.45).


  1. Where can we buy these? Want to buy them for stocking stuffers...

  2. They don't seem to have them online but I saw some recently at my local Starbucks but I don't know that all of them carry them so you might have to call around.


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