Sep 8, 2010

Review: McDonald's - Sausage McMuffin

McDonald's Sausage McMuffin in wrapper
McDonald's Sausage McMuffin is a staple underpinning their Breakfast Dollar menu. It is simply a toasted English muffin, with a sausage patty, and cheese for $1. There's also a bit of liquid margarine in there somewhere (I just learned that now).

Burger King's BK Breakfast Muffin is a copy of the Sausage McMuffin except with egg at the same price (Yes, McDonald's also sells a Sausage McMuffin with Egg but it costs more). On a side note, am I the only one who pictures a blueberry muffin (or the like) when I read "Breakfast Muffin?"
McDonald's Sausage McMuffin
Unlike more cluttered sandwiches, you get a good taste of fast food American cheese in the Sausage McMuffin. The cheese isn't really necessary though; the sausage is plenty salty and has a nice bit of peppery-ness that I enjoy. I would rather have an egg over a slice of cheese.

The English Muffin, like every fast food English Muffin I've had, was soft and a bit chewy despite a bit of charring from toasting. Still, I'm not displeased by the Sausage McMuffin; it's not really something you can really screw up.

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Nutritional Info - Sausage McMuffin (111g)
Calories - 370 (Calories from Fat - 200)
Fat - .22g (Saturated Fat - 8g)
Sodium - 850mg
Carbs - 29g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 14g


  1. Could you start providing pictures of the cross-section (or after a bite)? That way I can have the feeling of a heart attack without having one.

  2. You can't screw it up? How about the "Liquid Margarine"?

    Made with partially "hydrogenated"
    cottonseed and soybean oils, "hydrogenated" cottonseed oil, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate
    (preservative), "artificial flavor". Oil that stay's in you body because your body doesn't know what to do with it and artificial flavor. WAKE UP!!!


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