Oct 17, 2010

Around the World: KFC - Boxmaster

KFC Boxmaster wrap.
Before KFC ever got around to plopping the Double Down in our laps, they had another eye-brow-raising menu item that made the rounds internationally: the KFC Boxmaster. While it never made it to our shores, it did make its way around to the UK and Canada, and for all you jetsetters, is currently making its home in India, France, Greece and probably other countries I'm sure.

The Boxmaster is so-named because you eat it out of a box like KFC's Boneless Filets (which is no longer on the KFC website but is used as the "buns" for the Double Down). The Boxmaster's a bit like a KFC Twister but folded wider, bigger, and filled with more random stuff. "Stuff" includes a hash brown, cheese, dressing, lettuce, and tomatoes. It has also gone through different iterations including a fish version in France and a Texan, spicy, and BBQ version in the UK.

KFC Blazin' Boxmaster and BBQ Boxmaster.

I'm not sure I understand the whole hash brown in a wrap thing. I think I'd rather they put mashed potatoes and gravy.

Photos via KFC.

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