Oct 7, 2010

News: Taco Bell - New Verde and Fire-Roasted Border Salsas

This month, Taco Bell is spicing it up by introducing two new Border Salsas to complement their current line of varying heat Border Sauces. The two news salsas are Verde and Fire-Roasted.

Verde (literally "green") is a green sauce mainly made with green chili peppers and tomatillos and comes in a matching green sauce packet.

Fire-Roasted is a reddish brown sauce whose main ingredient is fire-roasted tomatoes and also comes in a color-matching sauce packet.


  1. the fire roasted sauce tastes similar to bbq sauce imo

  2. Fire roasted and verde were a great addition I hope they start selling them

  3. Taco-Bell had the same Verde sauce. Perhaps 8 or so years ago in clear packets labled just "Green Sauce" I was depressed for months when it was discontinued. Glad its back!!!
    Hope they keep it that way...


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