Oct 25, 2010

Review: Jack in the Box - Sausage Croissant

Jack in the Box Sausage Croissant top view
One of Jack in the Box's current value promotions is 2 for $3 Breakfast Croissants, not being one to pass up a deal, I tried the Sausage Croissant which features a pork sausage patty, a fried egg, and a slice of American cheese in a croissant. It's normally priced at $2.19 in my neighborhood.

Jack has some work to do on his sausage, it doesn't have much in the way of seasoning and flavor beyond salt. A little garlic, onion, sage, or [insert non-salt spice here] would go a long way. Also, my specific sausage patty was a gross grayish-brown color instead of a normal brown (I still ate it though). It tasted blah with a rubbery texture.
Jack in the Box Sausage Croissant inside view
I liked the croissant though. It was nice, layered, and buttery with a bit of sweetness. While it didn't feel exactly flaky or crisp, I still enjoyed its soft and squishy, but textured mouth-feel.
Jack in the Box Sausage Croissant side view
As always, I enjoyed the real fried egg which is fried on the crispy side and the cheese was the same melted, processed American you find anywhere.
Jack in the Box Sausage Croissant cross section
At the same price as Jack in the Box's lackluster biscuit version, I would go for the croissant over Jack's biscuit every time.

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Nutritional Info - Jack in the Box's Sausage Croissant (166g)
Calories - 565 (from Fat - 357)
Fat - 39g (Saturated Fat - 16g)
Sodium - 776mg
Carbs - 32g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 20g

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