Oct 4, 2010

News: McDonald's Adding Whipped Cream and Cherry to Shakes

McCafe Shake with whipped cream and a cherry
Apparently "premium" means a clear plastic cup, and whipped cream and a cherry on top. According to Chicago Business, starting this month, McDonald's is updating their milkshakes, re-branding them as part of their McCafe line of beverages.

As part of the shift, the shakes will be served in a clear, plastic cup similar to other cold beverages in the McCafe line up. Following other major fast food chains such as Carl's Jr, Wendy's Chick-fil-A, etc., McDonald's will also now include whipped cream and a cherry on top.

If test markets are any indication, the shakes will also carry a higher price, starting at $2.19 for a small to $3.09 for a large.


  1. It's a ripoff. You now get a medium for the price they used to charge for a large.

  2. Yeah, I don't even like cherries and whip cream just makes it look nicer.

  3. I hate whipped cream with a passion! I hate how other people go all "OOO WHIPPED CREAM YUMMY!!!" at the sight of the stuff. All it does is add a ton of unnecessary fat to the top of drinks. Seriously, check out the fat content of a Starbucks frappuchino with and without the whipped cream - big difference! Bad move, McDonalds!

  4. had this... hate it. :(

  5. Their shakes are awful. If it isn't made with real ice cream right when I order it, I am not interested! They should take a cue from Zaxbys. Their new shakes are great.

  6.  What Tim said.

    I always order my McDonald's shakes "plain".

  7. Yeah but prices went up a little with the change, so you're paying for the whipped cream and cherry regardless.

  8.  True.

    But my complaint isn't really about the change in price (although yeah, it does suck); it's just that I don't *like* whipped cream.

    Fortunately you can still order the shakes without it.


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