Oct 31, 2010

Around the World - KFC Hong Kong - Breakfast

I didn't get a chance to go to KFC Hong Kong while on the Asia Trip (it was way too crowded at lunchtime in the financial district), but they serve breakfast there in the mornings. It's a bit of American style with chicken and Hong Kong local cuisine thrown in:

They have a tomato pasta soup called the a.m. Bowl with a Flava Roast or Original Recipe chicken filet on top. What's Flava Roast chicken? Apparently, it's the Asian version of KFC's Grilled Chicken but without the grills marks and a different flavor. It's only offered in a few of Asian countries including Hong Kong and Malaysia. It's served with green tea with honey.
They also have a Deluxe a.m. Plate with your choice of Flava Roast or Original Recipe chicken filet for meat and hash brown or honey biscuit for a starch. The plate also includes scrambled eggs, a drink, and macaroni in tomato soup.
There's also a Favorites a.m Plate which takes out the egg and soup and gives you a sausage instead (they call it that, but it looks like a hot dog to me; then again, a hot dog is technically a sausage). There's also a All-Star version that is like McDonald's Big Breakfast except with a chicken filet instead of a sausage patty and bacon.
KFC Hong Kong also has a Fish Filet available for breakfast. It's available as part of a plate or as a sandwich.
Not to be left out of a popular trend, KFC Hong Kong serves up a breakfast wrap called the a.m Hot Wrap. There are two varieties. There's the Flava Roast Chicken Wrap with chicken, scrambled egg, tomato, and ketchup (Hm, that sound's pretty good!)...

And there's the more American version: the American Wrap with bacon, scrambled eggs, a hash brown, and cheese sauce.
Just to KFC it up, there's a chicken version of the English muffin breakfast sandwich, the a.m Muncher:
Finally, there's the a.m Riser which features a Flava Roast Chicken filet with cheese and bbq sauce on what appears to be a potato roll:


  1. why can't KFC be that good here in the states?

  2. because ur all fat enough already


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