Oct 12, 2010

Review: Taco Bell - Verde and Fire Roasted Salsas

Taco Bell's new red and green sauces
Taco Bell recently added two new Border Salsas to their menu: Verde and Fire Roasted which come in a green and reddish brown sauce packets respectively (almost like Christmas!). Like Taco Bell's Border hot sauces, they're complimentary and yours for the grabbing.

I recently tried them to see what they're about and have to say they're a welcome addition to Taco Bell's repertoire. For one, they actually bring new flavors to the Taco Bell menu rather than familiar combinations of the same old stuff.

While I didn't just suck the salsas out of the packets, I did dip a finger in each to get a good taste. Both salsas are pretty liquid; thicker than plain old water, but thinner than ketchup.

Verde ("verde" means "green" in Spanish) features tomatillos and green chiles and was nice and tangy, but not overly so. It was just barely spicy, perhaps catering to mainstream tastes.
Taco Bell's Verde salsa
Fire Roasted, despite the name, is also not really spicy and features fire-roasted tomatoes. It tasted like a watery chipotle sauce with a nice smokiness, but without the heat. It's tart with just a little sweetness.
Taco Bell's Fire Roasted salsa
Both salsas provide new flavor profiles and are very welcome in my book. I could even eat them with chips, though I imagine I'd have to squeeze quite a few packets to get a decent amount for dipping.

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  1. i think it was the beefy 5 layers that got you not the sauce i eat a pack for every bite and i dump like soft serve.

  2. I tried to verde sauce the other day on a taco supreme. You need a lot of the sauce to really get good flavor in each bite, but was pretty good. I used 2 packets per taco, and prob couldve used 3, just so i could taste it.. still a nice change from the usual hot sauce packets. will try fire roasted on my next t-bell run

  3. Yeah, I did notice that the flavors were more subtle and not strong.

  4. I tried the fire roasted sauce on a beefy 5 layer burrito yesterday, and I still am not in control of my bowels. Maybe it's just me, but there seems to be something sinister in those, watch out.

  5. Haha, I think it's one of those "your mileage may vary" things.

  6. i tried the fire roasted with the 5 layer was really good, nice smokeyness w/o any heat

  7. I like both the Taco Bell Fire-Roasted Brown Sauce and the Verde Taco Bell Green Sauce.  Both are very tasty.  It is nice to see that Taco Bell is not just churning out the usually lame sauces with the only function of burning my tongue or gut.
    I'd purchase both the Taco Bell Brown Sauces and the Taco Bell Green Sauces in bottles for regular food seasoning, the other nasty "spicy" Taco Bell sauces are not worth even touching again once tasting the "burning in place of flavor" hot sauces.


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