Oct 24, 2010

Around the World: Pizza Hut - The Many Forms of Cheesy Bites

Back in 2007, Pizza Hut tried to woo the American public with the limited-time Cheesy Bites Pizza which was similar to a Stuffed Crust Pizza but with individual cheese-filled rolls for the crust and featured a commercial with Jessica Simpson:

But the U.S. wasn't the only place that received the Cheesy Bites Pizza...

A while back Pizza Hut Japan had a Shrimp & Mayo Crust pizza similar to the Cheesy Bites Pizza except the crust is rolled around two staples of the Japanese diet: shrimp and mayo. Check out the commercial below:

While the pizza isn't currently on the Pizza Hut Japan menu, the idea has moved on to Chicken Meatballs and Mayo: 

But that's not all, in Malaysia they had a crunchy version, the Crunchy Cheesy Bites:

As well as a version with melted cheese on top and served with a melted cheese dip called the Dip-licious, you know, in case you didn't get enough cheese (there was a sausage version as well):

But that's not all! They also had a golden crown version with the bites arranged vertically instead of horizontal forming a crown around the pizza and topped the pizza itself with deep-fried shrimp, fish, and pineapple. It's called the Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown:

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