Oct 20, 2010

News: Starbucks Launches Starbucks Digital Network

As an added perk for Starbucks' customers, Starbucks has launched the Starbucks Digital Network, a digital hub of assorted premium content for users of Starbuck's free Wifi created in partnership with Yahoo.

The service is accessible for free via Wifi-enabled computers, tablets, or smartphones and features free access to a bevy of selected video, textual, and audio content (i.e. selected books, videos, games, magazines, and music).

Highlights include: free access to the subscription editions of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today; exclusive iTune downloads; and free, unlimited access to Zagat restaurant reviews and ratings.

With all the added perks, the Starbucks Digital Network definitely encourages customers to come in and pull up a chair, whether any chairs will be available is the question, especially in high-traffic stores. I know that other popular coffee houses already have problems with too many people occupying seats to use free WiFi. My own local Starbucks stores are already pretty crowded, seating-wise.

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