Oct 3, 2010

Around the World: McDonald's Japan - Various Versions of the Big Mac

While the American version of the Big Mac has pretty much always stayed the same. The Big Mac has undergone several iterations over in Japan.

Considering how small McDonald's Big Mac patties are, the Japanese Mega Mac is probably the better, meatier version.

There's also a Teriyaki Mega version:

A breakfast version which substitutes the club layer, lettuce, and cheese for eggs and bacon:

And finally, a Pita version:


  1. I remember Double Big Mac was introduced for a while in the states, but disappeared soon after.

  2. What?! How did I miss out on this? Well, at least there's still the Big Carl...

  3. I remember eating the mega-mcmuffin back in Tokyo for breakfast, it was the most awesome mcmuffin i've ever had! 2 sausage patties, bacon and ketchup is the best thing that can happen to the mcmuffin!


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