Apr 14, 2011

News: Chipotle Details New Asian Restaurant Concept

ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen. It's like Chipotle but with a southeast Asian theme (specifically inspired by Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian cuisine).

Chipotle has reveals a few more details about their new southeast Asian restaurant concept:

There will be the same "down the line" format as Chipotle (and Subway) where you move down the service station as they prepare your food to your specifications.

There will be the same focus on sustainably-raised food and promises "grilled and braised meats, a variety of fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs, spicy sauces, and an array of garnishes."

The first location is set to open this summer in Washington, D.C.

I'm quite interested in how this will turn out. Unlike burritos and tacos which are fairly widespread and iconic to Mexican cuisine in the U.S., I can't say the same bout Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian. I'm wondering if they'll go with noodles, rice or something else entirely for starch and what kind of spices they'll go for? Lemon grass maybe? They could go for soy sauce but that covers that's more Asian cuisine in general. So yes, very interesting. I'm looking forward to see how it turns out and if they'll be able to achieve the same success as with Chipotle.


  1. He so stole that girls idea from the show "America's Next Great Restaurant"

  2. That's what I thought too! lol


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