Apr 13, 2011

Review: McDonald's - Jalapeno Cheddar McChicken

McDonald's Jalapeño Cheddar McChicken is a slightly different take on the storied McChicken sandwich which replaces the mayo with a slice of white Cheddar cheese and jalapeño salsa and costs $1.49. Inexplicably, the McDonald's I went to also had these at two for $3.50.

This particular item is new to my area and seems to be regional, at least for now. I noticed this in the window of a local McDonald's and decided to check it out. A spicier McChicken? Hm, sounds interesting.
Upon biting into the sandwich, let's just say the idea was a lot better than the execution. The jalapenos taste like they were pickled but without any sweetness. And while I don't mind the occasional pickle, I don't want every bite of my sandwich to taste of it. The sourness also masks much of the seasoned flavor of the McChicken patty.
The cheese might as well not even be there. If it's Cheddar, it's must be the mildest of such; I didn't taste any of the telltale flavors of Cheddar. It feels and taste more like a White American cheese.
Most disappointing was the sandwich wasn't even that spicy. I'd say maybe a low, occasional burn. Your best option would be to just buy a McChicken without mayo and just put in your own jalapeños at home. This one was a complete miss for me.

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  1. I definitely had the exact same sandwich as you - I could not taste the cheese and the jalapenos tasted pickled. Then again, I LOVE pickled jalapenos.

  2. Yeah, we don't have the Spicy McChicken here in California =(

  3. Agree! I'm sorry, but I absolutely love spicy food and love jalapenos, but this sandwich did NOT live up to my expectations at all. Rarely do I completely dislike things I try (I am not a picky eater). But sadly, this item will never again be on my order list. Try fresh or even non-pickled jalapenos next time (not this sweet/jelly-like concoction that is displeasing to the palette). I couldn't get myself to finish the entire sandwich.

  4. why on earth would you think mcdonald's actually uses real cheddar?

  5. In Texas, they are made with the Spicy McChicken patties, which have a little extra kick to begin with. It looks like the one you tasted was the original McChicken /sadpanda. The spicy version has a red hue to it. I am planning to check out the Jalapeno Cheddar and the Onion Cheddar today.

  6. actually, i love to eat extremely hot buffalo wings, and the one i tried was pretty kickin!! it didnt taste sweet or pickled at all. idk maybe it just depends on the sand...


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