Apr 20, 2011

News: Just Born - New Chocolate Peeps

With Easter just around the corner, I imagine Just Born's Peeps are on the shopping list of many of you with kids out there or who just really like sugar coated marshmallows (AKA sugar-covered sugar).

If sugar and marshmallows aren't enough for you, this year, Just Born is throwing chocolate into the equation with new Peeps Peepsters and Peeps Chocolate Dipped Chicks.

Peeps Peepsters feature milk or dark chocolate covering a marshmallow-flavored creme center. They're individually wrapped and available in 11-ounce bags of milk or dark chocolate.

Peeps Chocolate Dipped Chicks: The Peeps you know and love (or hate or feel generally lukewarm about) but dipped in either dark or milk chocolate. Each package contains three Chicks.


  1. Ewww...peeps.

    Has a more disgusting candy every been manufactured?!?

    Oh, yeah, circus peanuts...blech!

  2. But... circus peanuts are just peanuts...

  3. If they were just peanuts I'd like them.

    I'm talking about these clay like confections:

  4. Oh those. I thought you meant real circus peanuts as in the ones you get at the circus. I've never tried the candy ones I don't think. It looks like clay alright. Maybe that's how they get little children to eat them.

  5. necco wafers bro

  6. The chocolate covered Peeps are the bomb diggity.


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