Jun 18, 2011

International Weekend: Lift Lemon Soda

Lift Lemon soda is produced and made available by the Coca Cola Company only in Australia. It's pretty much fizzy lemonade. The brand is available in a couple other countries as well but in different flavors.

There are a couple of Australian importers that carry this but it's fairly pricey imported at $4.95 for 1.25 liters.

I first tried Lift on a trip to visit relatives in Australia in 2002 and spent much of my vacation drinking it after buying a bottle from a vending machine.
This is pretty much my favorite soda with my ideal blend of sour and sweet. I got this can from a carefully rationed pack my Australian uncle brought me when he stopped by on a business trip. Anytime my Australian relatives comes to visit, some Lift is my one request.

Yeah, I guess you could say I like Lift.

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  1. Lemon is my absolute favorite flavor and it is so difficult to find a decent lemon soda. This sounds a bit like Schweppe's Bitter Lemon which I had when I was in Europe but haven't been able to find here in the Midwest. They just have better soft drinks overseas.


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