Jun 2, 2011

News: McDonald's - Four New McNugget Dipping Sauces

McDonald's is pushing four "new" McNugget dipping sauces this summer: Creamy Ranch, Sweet Chili, Spicy Buffalo, and Honey Mustard.

Okay, they're not really "new" per se, they're more like new for Chicken McNuggets. I'm pretty sure that Creamy Ranch, Spicy Buffalo, and Honey Mustard are just re-packaged versions of McDonald's Chicken Select Sauces and Sweet Chili is a re-introduction of the flavor first seen during the Vancouver Olympics.


  1. the honey mustard tastes the same to me and he said it is the same just repackaged for chicken nuggets

  2. The old Honey Mustard was the best sauce ever.  The new one blows.  What a disappointment.

  3. true that! i=the old honey mustard was great with chicken and fries! the new one tastes like vomit, which reminds me will McDonalds ever come back with the bigNtasty?

  4.  No joke, back when the Honey Mustard was in a plastic pack it was the BEST

  5. I wrote a complaint letter to McDonald's corporate office about the new honey mustard sauce. It is awful.


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