Jun 13, 2011

Review: McDonald's Peach Pie

McDonald's Peach Pie is a new limited-time menu item being offered at only some McDonald's restaurants this summer (confirmed locations in southern California and in Pennsylvania).

They're available for 69 cents each for two for $1.00.

If you've had a McDonald's Apple or Cherry Pie you know mostly what to expect as far as the pie crust; slightly flaky and of reasonably thickness.
Whereas apple is more of a compote filling, peach was almost like a jam and seemed a more bit gelled together. Flavor wise, it was very peachy and sweet.

I like apple slightly better as a flavor but Peach is a nice change up from the norm and not a bad choice at all.

McDonald's Store Locator

Nutritional info not available.


  1. I miss the old fried pies.

  2. Some places in Georgia do have them. I'm in Atlanta area and I have seen it at one and then not at another.

  3. Looks quite nice, Im not really a huge fan of pies though :(

  4. Buffoonery within McD's marketing department.

    Failing to include Georgia in the selling area!!!!

    Google "georgia peach state" as to why I shout out my shock at McD's failure to include Georgia.


  5. Since when does McDonalds put cocaine in their peach pies???

    I'm now a freakin addict.

  6. Haha does MSG count? I'm not saying there is MSG in the pie of course, but my friend swears the MSG makes us addicted to fast food in general. I wouldn't say I'm "addicted", I'll go without it for days or weeks sometimes... but man some of it is awesome lol.


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