Jun 1, 2011

News: Nabisco - New Chips Ahoy! Chewy Gooey

The folks at Nabisco have come up with a new Chips Ahoy! Chewy Gooey cookies. The new cookies are available nationwide and come in two flavors: Chocofudge and Megafudge.

Both feature a creamy fudge center but with different soft-baked cookies encasing it and come in 10-ounce packages for around $3.29.

Chocofudge consists of a chocolate chip cookie filled with a layer of fudge in the center.

Megafudge is a bit more novel with a brownie-like chocolate chip cookie with white chocolate chips and also has a layer of fudge in the center.


  1. I am cretin-like using math but my ciphering arrives at a cookie cost of $10,560 per ton of cookies.

    Is that a good deal, if the price is correct?

  2. Well, as a farmer, I can tell you that the farmer will receive less than $275 per ton for the wheat used to make the cookies for a comparison.

  3. Never talk bad about the farmer when your mouth is full.

    Curious as to what your fellow farmers are receiving from various subsidies, etc.

    Also useful for the merely curious and there are some informative essays within.

     Not the most user-friendly Web site but.... well, poke and prod and enlightenment may be thine:

  4. I can speak for our 208 acre farm.  We currently get what is called a "Direct Payment" of about $18.75 per acre each year.  That's the only subsidy we are currently getting.  (Unless you count a property tax break on farmland in Ohio called the CAUV.)

    For comparison, an acre of land around here in NW Ohio can grow about 45-60 bushels of soybeans in a good year at a current new crop price of $13.47 per acre for an expected total gross of about $675.00 per acre.   These are good prices now compared to a few years ago when soybeans would only bring around $6.00 - $7.00 per bushel. 

    The cost to grow the soybeans runs around $100-150 per acre and rent would add another $100-150 per acre for a total cost of production around $250.00 per acre.  Also keep in mind that the 45-60 bushels per acre is in good years, we have had fields do less than 30 bushels per acre more than once.

    Under the current farm bill, if the grain prices go much much lower, then we could receive "Counter Cyclical Payments".  We have not received those for several years.

    I expect the farm subidies will be cut in future budgets and I agree that they should be cut.  I just hope cuts go deep across the board, not just in agriculture.

    PS:  Ethanol subsidies may or may not also be considered a subsidy for corn depending on how you look at it.

    The bottom line is that I do not believe higher farm prices are a main cause of higher food prices except for with meats, dairy, produce, etc.  For example with the cookies mentioned above, if the price of the wheat would double I would think the price of the cookies would rise about 10 to 20 cents based just on the value of the wheat in the cookies.  Most of the cost of things in the grocery store are added long after the farmer.


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