Jun 30, 2011

News: KFC - Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breasts Now 20% Larger

KFC is making another promotional push for their Kentucky Grilled Chicken this summer, and to aid them in the endeavor, they're going with bigger chicken breasts. Bigger is better right?

The chicken breast pieces (but not the wings, thighs, or legs) are now, on average, 20% larger than before.

In an interesting tidbit from the press release, KFC's KGS secret recipe is kept on an encrypted flash drive right next to their handwritten recipe for Original Recipe in the same high-security vault at their corporate headquarters.


    4.99 8pc bucket wednesday only

  2. That seems like overkill to protect "MSG, Salt, dehydrated onion and garlic, MSG".

  3. So they made the grill bigger and the fried smaller. I just bought came back from KFC and brought home chicken for dinner. The breasts use to be big, they are so tiny now. They're about the size or the grilled breast I tried when it first came out.

  4. Lol yea, and 20% more is not enough anyway to make me excited over an overpriced grilled chicken breast. It's not that it tastes terrible, KFC's pretty good overall, especially the sides. Without coupons, the chicken's usually a pass for me though.

  5. What a delicious thing that it is now 20% more than soon. I can't wait to order it..
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  6. be aware the KFC at the coner of Monterey and Senter in San Jose,CA  DON"T have a Sunday $10 bucket>>> as today Sunday 8-14-2011


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