Jun 1, 2011

News: Krispy Kreme - Free Donut on National Doughnut Day

This Friday, June 3, Krispy Kreme will be handing out one Free Krispy Kreme Doughnut to each visitor in celebration of National Doughnut Day.

The free doughnut offer is good for one doughnut of any variety per customer at participating U.S. Krispy Kreme retail shops.

I took advantage of this last year and got an unglazed donut from fresh off the conveyor. It was super hot! I had to keep passing it back and forth between my hands to keep from getting burnt. But mmm... fresh donut...

Krispy Kreme Store Locator


  1. Hahaha! You have quite the morbid, if slightly cartoonish, imagination there.

  2. Imagination?

    I did sit there waiting for that machine to attack one or more of its operators!!!!

    And it was also a fine day to be on the inside looking outside.

    I also like the Brand Eating Web site.

    Not as much as actually eating, though.



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