Jun 9, 2011

Review: McDonald's New Chicken McNugget Sauces

McDonald's new Chicken McNugget Sauces give you a few more options to dunk your McNuggets in if you so choose. The "new" sauces are Creamy Ranch, Honey Mustard, Sweet Chili, and Spicy Buffalo.

I've touched upon some of these new sauce back when I reviewed Chicken McNuggets and can't say my opinion of them has changed. Three of them (Creamy Ranch, Honey Mustard, and Spicy Buffalo) seem to be repackaged, smaller versions of pre-existing Chicken Select sauces while the last (Sweet Chili) was available for a limited time back during the Vancouver Olympics.
Here are my thoughts on the new sauces below:
  • Creamy Ranch - a fairly thick ranch sauce; would go well with a chicken strip but not so much with the trademark McNugget flavor; would probably go well on a salad as well.
  • Honey Mustard - very mustardy; would also go well with a chicken strip. Not liking it so much with the McNuggets.
  • Sweet Chili - basically a Thai sweet chili sauce; it has the requisite bit of spiciness; reminiscent of Sweet and Sour but not as tart.
  • Spicy Buffalo - the spiciest sauce on the McDonald's menu with vinegary sourness; very bright orange.

If you like stronger, less common flavors, you might go for Spicy Buffalo and Honey Mustard. Out of the four, I liked Sweet Chili the best but none of them beat out the classic Barbecue and Sweet and Sour in my book.

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  1. I can't say I always totally understand what you're talking about. Nevertheless, colorful comments on a fast food blog are always welcomed in my opinion. I love fast food ketchup too! I ask for it all the time, why not right?

  2. Over the decades I noticed a wide variability in the willingness of differing McD's to hand over the condiments.

    Some hand over many and didn't relent until past the point of any reasonable request; leading to an at-home acquired stash that could last weeks for non-McD goody usage.

    Heck, those freely-sharing outlets would be a good place to grab enough to make the condiments into a nifty pot of soup at home.

    Remember that if the economic trials and tribulations impact thee akin to a tsunami of economic bedevilment; dashing your hopes and dreams upon the rocks of despair.


    Kinda' akin to tomato soup made out of those little packets of ketchup.

    Half of the calories needed for survival are burned opening up all those itty bitty packets and squeezing them into an empty tin can then adding a bit of water then stirring it as it heats to prevent scorching and feeding the family.

    Labor intensive but it keeps the family alive yet another day during economic turbulent times and look how it brings the family unit together; feeding the feel-goodness of those higher-up the socio-economic ladder whose policies ensure the best condiment packets go to the deserving ones while the el cheapo ones draw families closer together in their encampments... until driven off by the master's protectors who are urged to keep "them folks" moving along.


    What can be wrong with anything bringing families back together. Even if it is merely to share body heat to keep from freezing in the winter cold.

    And..... remember. Beloved prez. Ron Reagan insisted that ketchup was a vegetable when butting into the debate on whether to spend a few billion for weaponry or to feed impoverished youth.

    Ketchup and weapons won.

    Hooray for ketchup!!!!!!!!

    It helped to whip the Commie Hordes (tm)

    Along with my warship, pride of the 7th Fleet.

    Kept the hordes off the California shores.

    You're welcome.

    Just stay away from my pre-selected dumpster that should provide much of the grub needed to prevent starvation in my retirement.

    Send a dollar and an unused SASE for the location of MY dumpster to ensure you are not bitten upon ankles and legs.

  3. get a job, obbop

  4. I think it's strange that they are calling the ranch and honey mustard "new" since they have been available with their chicken selects and we have routinely requested them for my daughter to use with her chicken nuggets.  I would like to try the other 2 sauces and have been wishing they would feature more "limited time" sauces for those of us who like to try new things & enjoy variety.  I remember some Asian sauces featured in the late 80's, particularly a plum-based sauce that I liked.


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