Jun 12, 2011

News: Taco Bell - 99 Cent Crunchwrap Supreme until June 18th

Taco Bell is cutting Crunch Wrap Supreme fans a break this summer with 99 Cent Crunchwrap Supremes (limit 2 per person, per visit) through this Saturday June 18th, 2011.

Crunchwrap Supremes normally go for around $2.39.

I know some of you are thinking, "Why not the Chalupa?!" but hey, cheap is cheap.


  1. shouldn't you guys be putting an asterisk when referring to it as meat?

  2. Haha, good point. I guess it's implied when it comes to fast food.

  3. Gol dern, from 2.39 dollars down to .99 dollars!!!!

    Who here can do that decimal point stuff?

    That cipherin' is mighty hard on a fellow's brain, y'all.

    Sure sounds like a heckuva' deal.

    Maybe those city-slickers gotta' sell 'em cheap 'cause there ain't nobody buying the dern' things.

    'Course those fellahs' may be wanting y'all to be gittin' in there so you be buyin' their other vittles such as them french fried taters and refreshing carbonated beverages that make yah' burp and that's where they make their spendin' money.

    Then there's the youngun that's just gotta' have a taco or sumpthin' else not on sale and the bothersome brat won't hush even after a smack alongside the head so to shut the fool kid up (well, whoever it belongs to. it's hard to keep track of em all hereabouts. They sorta' get mixed up what with all the ridges and hollers, yah' know.)

    Anyway, good to know and those interested better high-tail it down there and revel in that dern' Yankee-type savings, yah' hear?

  4. Lol, this is a great deal though! I can't think of too many better fast food deals at 99 cents. Jack in the Box tacos? Close, but the quality's very inferior. Not that I don't still get them once in a while.

    I love how BE mentioned chalupas, that does come to mind, but it's true that this is still pretty cool. Didn't they just have this deal a few months ago? It does make you wonder if they sell well at the regular price.

  5. Yeah they definitely did this a few months ago. That was the only time I ever bought one. My impression was that I had to do a lot of chewing, so much so that my jaw started to hurt. But at .99 I'll probably grab one or two again.

    EDIT: Aha, a quick BE search shows they did it at .89 back in March this year

  6. i went there and they didn't have them for .99 so I was going to try the new grilled stuft XXL burrito.  I ordered that before I long trip to work, get on the highway and in the bag is 5 soft tacos.  WTF?

  7. Do not question the Taco Bell Gods.

  8. The ones I got had about as much meat as a person usually spreads mayo lightly on a slice of bread for a sandwich. I saw traces of it, but really couldn't taste it. It was just wrap, lettuce, and a little bit of sour cream, tomato and cheese. Totally not worth the 99 cents it cost. I think I'm done with Taco Bell.

  9. Way to cheer us all up lol. I get your point though. But hey, that's why these deals are fun!

  10. I got one last week for the deal, and I kind of see your point. I'm sure mine was different, since it seemed to have a decent amount of meat, although it was unevenly distributed. The real problem was that it was fairly veggie heavy. I wonder if I would have liked it better if I just asked for no lettuce or something. As I said, I didn't find it all that lacking in meat, they just really loaded up on the lettuce and tomato.


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