Jun 14, 2011

Review: Jamba Juice - Magnificent Mango Pineapple Whirl'ns Frozen Yogurt

Jamba Juice recently extended their test of their Whirl'ns frozen yogurt line to southern California. Whirl'ns are so named because they "whirl'n" fruit into your frozen yogurt creating a frozen yogurt with bits of fruit blended in. I recently popped in and picked up a small 6-ounce Magnificent Mango Pineapple Whirl'ns topped with sliced almonds which features bits of mango and pineapple blended into original tart frozen yogurt.

Whirl'ns are available at $3.50 for a 6-ounce small with one topping and $5.50 for a 10-ounce large with one topping.

This one was a bit of a disappointment for me. I was expecting the Whirl'ns to pop with fruity flavor but the result was decidedly muted with very little in the way of the familiar sour notes of mango and pineapple.
There was the tartness of the frozen yogurt but I wanted more mango and pineapple flavor. The almonds don't go great with the frozen yogurt but I like almonds so I got them anyway.

The yogurt itself seemed more cold than other places I've tried and was quite thick but smooth and not to the point of being icy.

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Nutritional Info - Jamba Juice Magnificent Mango Pineapple Whirl'ns Frozen Yogurt (6 oz)
Calories - 140 (from Fat - 0)
Fat - 0g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 75mg
Carbs - 34g (Sugar - 24g)
Protein - 4g

Nutritional Info - Almonds - small
Calories - 40 (from Fat - 0)
Fat - 3.5g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 00mg
Carbs - 2g (Sugar - 0g)
Protein - 1g

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