Feb 3, 2012

Frozen Friday: Banquet - Creamy Pasta Carbonara

Banquet's Creamy Pasta Carbonara frozen entree features linguine pasta with a cream sauce, parmesan cheese, peas, and bacon bits.

Ever the destination for frozen food diners on a budget, Banquet dinners normally cost about $1.50 but go on sale often for a buck or less.

I'm more used to Pasta Carbonara with egg but I guess possibly under-cooked egg might be a no-go for frozen food.
The peas were a nice touch; they weren't mushy and were actually decently firm which added a nice bit of texture.

The noodles were good as well; not too dry or soggy with an even firmness.
The sauce was just okay, not exactly creamy in taste but was thickened quite nicely and had a slight peppery-ness to it. The bacon fell in the okay category as well; it was of indiscernible texture and a hint of smoke and more than a hint of salt.

The overall effect is good/decent. I wouldn't jump for joy but I wouldn't mind eating it again.

Nutritional Info - Banquet Creamy Pasta Carbonara (227g)
Calories - 290 (from Fat - 110)
Fat - 12g (Saturated Fat - 4.5g)
Sodium - 740mg
Carbs - 33g (Sugar - less than 1g)
Protein - 11g

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  1. I do not recall what noodle Banquet offering I bought a year or so ago but I believe there were several different offering-types ar 88 cents apiece for Banquet vittles at the local el cheapo grocery store.

    Pondering the cost versus weight of the stuff the 88 cents seemed to be a decent buy so I stocked up.

    The noodly white creamy sauce things I bought MAY have been the same as shown above.

    It was mostly noodles with a few chunklets of this and that embedded within.

    A similar Banquet meal was the noodle/sauce thing with no embedded chunklets.

    Both were decent.

    Actually, in a way, they were fine dining.

    Remember, this IS the shanty.

    Where it is considered just fine to open a can of condensed cream of this or that soup, insert spoon (free plastic spoon or spork grabbed by the coat pocket-full at whatever fast-food joint sold me one buck-per-burger purchase) and commence eatin'.

    I cast aside any concern regarding microwaving the Banquet banquet and slurping in any chemicals possibly oozing out of the plastic.

    Part of me assumes that some brainy bloke elsewhere determined that oozing plastic chemical components is either no concern or minimal.

    Even if there was a threat any concern would be akin to an ancient one such as I hearing the mallet slamming upon the dais and the black dress-wearing figure sputtering "life in prison!!!"

    Bwah hah ha hah hah!!!

    Heed, younguns'.

    DO not mess with old coots.

    Nuthin much to lose.

    Life or death sentence. So what?!!!!

    Pert-near' at the end of our time, anyway!!!

    But, 20, 30 years old?  A severe sentence DOES hurt.

    Just be good and keep your valuable freedom!!!

    Happy eating!!!!

    Oh.... all those noodle/sauce Banquet things I ate were decent at the least.


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