Feb 29, 2012

News: McDonald's Testing Fish McBites

McDonald's is testing a fish version of their Chicken McBites: Fish McBites out in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and a couple of other market according to the Huffington Post.

Fish McBites feature breaded, bite-sized pieces of Alaskan Pollock and come with tartar sauce for dipping.

As to how they look and taste? One critic from the Dallas Observer (who happens to be a fan of the Filet-O-Fish) did not have such great things to say. Among his comment were this statement: "...I can say with a large degree of confidence that Fish McBites are the worst things McDonald's has created in some time."

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  1. Pollock tends to not possess much taste of its own and, akin to tofu, best utilized as a purveyor of taste for other ingredients.

    Baked with no breading pollock makes a healthy meal.

    Bland and boring it cries out for embellishments such as your favorite spices.

    IF McD can spice the finny friend in a manner pleasing to the consumer then all should be fine.

    But, the breading also needs to be added in a pleasing-to-the-biter manner along with the already-mentioned "proper" seasoning.

    That is 2 requirements thus 1 too many for a mainstream mass-market fast-food joint so I would have advised the marketing department to look elsewhere for a new concoction to lure the emotion- and lard-laden masses into McDs.

    The general desperation of the fast-food joints becomes more obvious daily.


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